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I still make stuff, but I’m making different kinds of stuff. more art than wearable or crafty.

Like this:

IMG_1445 IMG_1798 IMG_1801 IMG_2161 IMG_2162

Take a look here, if you like.


or embeestudios.com


What I’m Doing


I know, I know; it’s been a long time.

I have a full time job, going to school, got married, lots going on. I’m still sewing, but don’t have time to write and take photos. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of digital art with my iPad and an awesome app called, simply enough, Paper, by FiftyThree.

This is a short video of a Moleskine book, produced through Paper, by Milk, of a small collection of my analog drawings.

Analog drawings are something I’ve been working on over the past few years. The basic premise is that all people make the same sorts of marks to express emotions; wavy horizontal lines for peaceful feelings, hard, angular lines for anger, etc. I developed drawing exercises to help people (first did this just for myself) identify and analyze emotions around a situation, or person, or just in general. I hope to begin workshops to help people through this process in the near future. Not only does one gain tremendous insight from this kind of drawing, but the end result is usually quite beautiful, even if you are no kind of an artist. These start in black and white, use instinctive lines, and then repetitive shapes within the areas defined by the first set of lines. The repetition helps get your brain into a near-alpha state, the same place a light meditation or prayer state does. After the lines and shapes are complete, I colorize with hues that complement the feelings.

More Card Holders!


card holder 4I couldn’t help but make up a few more of these. So simple, and so much more fun to give and receive than an envelope!

I used  fabric that I has stacked and slashed to get the multi-layered chenille effect (that in itself is so much fun to do) then followed the process described in the link on my previous post.

I know a little hippie-chick who’s going to love one of these!



Gift Card Holder


card holder 2Another great idea from the small projects download at Quiltingarts.com.
I plan on using these two as gift card holders, but they would work for business cards, driver’s license, anything that size. Each has two pockets, but only one side works “magically” by ejecting the card when the ribbon is pulled.
Of course, you could easily alter the instructions to make both pockets function that way.

They go together really quickly and easily. You really can make up a few in an hour or less.

card holder 3

I used fabric  scraps from another project, so they were already pieced and embellished for the most part.

I hope the “giftees” like the holder as well as the card!

card holder 1

Tiny Fabric Gift Box

Tiny Fabric Gift Box

close front

I want to give my girls some special jewelry for Christmas and had been looking for pretty ways to wrap it when I came across this download from Quilting Daily.
Tiny gift box

4 boxes

These are very simple, and quite pretty. I did have to enlarge the pattern about 20% in order to have it fill the 8×8 square, so be aware of that.
The instructions say to “sew close to all cut edges, including the slits”. I used a decorative stitch and then thought, “why didn’t I just do buttonholes?”. Make buttonholes. I will next time.
Other than that, follow the instructions. I did, for once and they turned out just great.

I made one out of paper, just by folding up the pattern and it occurred to me that these would look great made out of a heavy stock handmade paper. Something soft enough to bend with out creasing, so don’t use a cardstock. Maybe a Japanese mulberry paper or some such.

Here’s what they look like opened up:


Here is some context for size:


Can’t wait til my girls get to open their gifts, and then keep the wrapping to store them in!

close up

The Anorak


At the end of the day, this was salvageable. I am so glad that I started with a size smaller than usual. Had I not, this would have been a donation jacket.

I made trouble for myself by cleverly deciding to make it reversible and then not paying attention to details. Like the front, which had cut-on facings that folded over twice. I only cut them off at the first fold line, but of course, I didn’t figure that our until it was put together and top-stitched. Yes, even that. But I hacked off two inches on each side and carefully turned in the seam allowances and it all worked out ok.

Here it is one side 1…

As it is, I cut off a total of 3 inches from the sleeve hem, and look at the cuffs that are left! Who are these things designed for? Someone with arms as long as her legs. I may sew some small snaps on the sleeves so I can keep the cuffs in place.
The hood is huge, more like you would expect to see on a Little Red Riding Hood cape than a jacket, but I guess it works. Maybe some critter with arms that long has a really big head too. I’m picturing Quasimodo.

I do like the two fabrics together. You may recognize the lighter one from my last garment, the comfy Vogue tunic. Apparently I got a great deal on the fabric and bought about 5 yards. The darker fabric is a quilted knit that has quite a bit of sheen to it, almost like it is water resistant, but I don’t think it is.


And here is side 2…



This still feels a little sloppy -big, but it is wearable.

Please forgive the ultra-lousy picture behind my head.
This was the only spot in my hotel room where there was enough light (barely) to take pics and the painting was bolted to the wall.
Do people steal bad art from hotel rooms?



Anorak McCall’s 5635


Hoo boy. I decided to make this one reversible. And in knit fabrics. I made it one size smaller since I was working with knits. It is still pretty big. Had to make a few adjustments to the pattern, getting rid of front facing, for example. Didn’t get that quite right on the first try. Must hack off another 2 inches on each side. Guess I didn’t see there were two fold lines.
And the sleeves. Dear god, this must have been sized for some other kind of primate. I cut three inches off the sleeves and still have enough for the very deep cuff. If you opt for the elastic cuff, you’ll have to make the sleeve much narrower or end up with about 4x bulk around the wrist. Crazy.
Pics to follow tomorrow after this shapes up a bit.
Oh, and the hood is huge too, but I kinda like it.