Monthly Archives: August 2008

The Dark Brotherhood


With one day’s notice, my 22 year old son tells me he’s going to some week long event where everyone dresses up in costume. And he needs a costume. I don’t know if it’s a role-play thing or what, but he asked if I could make him “dark brotherhood armor”.
Whatever that is. I think it’s from Oblivion, his favorite game, but I’m oblivious.
He showed me a pic on line to use as a starting point and we went from there.
I used an old leather jacket, recycled a few leather belts, bought a bit of suede cloth, found some woven cotton in the Pile O’ Fabric (you have one of those, right?) and grabbed the wrong side of an upholstery remnant to come up with this awesome (he said so) outfit for him to wear for the weekend. I used a pajama pattern mostly for the sizing, so he’s got a tunic, elastic waist pants, a cape-like cowl thing and a translucent mask.
Now his buddy wants one as well.
Fortunately, we’re out of time.