Monthly Archives: December 2008

new and exciting!


Ah, yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with other things. I’ve been sewing so much it borders on a compulsion. My bf bought me a beautiful shiny new Viking Husquvarna Sapphire 830 for Christmas. OOOhhhh, AAAhhhh. Lucky me! What a guy!
And since I got it two weeks before Christmas and JoAnn’s had fleece on sale all of December, everyone got custom made jackets, hoodies, flannel pj’s, and anything else I could make out of fleece.
We’re all so cozy and warm!
Here are a couple jackets I’ve done. I made the green one for my sister.. doesn’t fit me real well as you can see. And Honestly, the hem on the grey one is even, but my son was impatient taking pics and didn’t wait for me to adjust things. grrr.