Monthly Archives: February 2009

Vogue 8561 Pattern Error

The last time I found Vogue patterns on sale I bought a number of Marcie Tilton patterns. Really love her interesting designs. I decided to make up a skirt over the weekend using Vogue 8561.
I cut out the 11 pieces, thinking how a skirt could have just 2 or 3, but whatever, I was having fun.
Until things wouldn’t fit together properly. I pondered and I puzzled. I second-guessed myself and re-checked. Thought maybe I had cut a couple pieces the wrong size, misunderstood directions, was just having a stupid day. Then I started piecing the tissue and the pattern simply was WRONG.
I contacted the designer through her website and received a lovely response with in hours.
Vogue DID make an error and will be reprinting the pattern.
She also sent me this photo and instructions on how to salvage my mess, which wasn’t too difficult after I knew which parts were right and which wrong. The lower pieces are an inch too large. BTW, I hadn’t gotten to the skirt back and she didn’t send a photo, but the lower piece on the skirt back is an inch too big as well.
So I ended up with a lovely skirt, but it took 3 times longer than it would have.