Multi-Purpose Piece


While I was at it using Emami’s Limitless Dress as inspiration, I thought I’d give their Peculiar Piece a shot. This is very different than the previous garment, but tons of fun as well.

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Here is a pattern layout using 3 yards of 60″ wide knit fabric with a 50% crosswise stretch.

Cut all pieces, then sew the body tube piece into a tube lengthwise. Then turn half of it to the inside so the tube is half the length and the fabric is doubled. Sew the raw edges of this evenly to the hole cut in the large piece.  Sew the two ties into long tubes and turn right side out. I lopped off about a foot from the length of these, but it depends on how long you want your ties.  Sew a 2″ casing on each of the shorter ends of the main piece and thread the ties through. There you have it.


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  1. Hi thanks so much for sharing this. Stumbled across it and planning to give this one a try. I have very little experience sewing with knit/stretchy fabric, so hopefully I don’t regret taking this on!

    One question, would you recommend folding the casings over the top or under?

    • Hi! Glad you are going to try it. I wear mine everywhere. Am on vacation in Italy right now and find it very versatile. Don’t worry about the knit fabric. For this, you don’t even need to use a stretch stitch or stretch the fabric while you sew. Just pretend it is woven and you’ll be fine. I turn the casing to the outside because when you bring the extension up toward you, the casing will then be hidden. Let me know how it turns out, and best of luck!

    • Wow! Looks like you did great job. Glad to see my “figuring it out” going to good use. You’ll be wearing those two pieces everywhere. I know my daughters and I do.

  2. Hey, I have a friend who’s interested in getting the limitless dress or peculiar piece. I don’t feel confident in selling the pieces I make myself. Do you still make them to sell? I noticed in your etsy store that you didn’t have any items listed. Let me know so I can get her in touch with you. How much would you charge for a dress?

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