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Black Eyed Susan Final Print


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Black Eyed Susan Printing


Up very early this morning to get to art work before the job workday.  Mixing ink here for the first printing. Note my fancy palette knife, which is really a pink plastic bunny from a set of kid’s cutlery. My grandson was never a fan of the pink bunny, preferring the blue sharks (seen on the left as a back-up) and brown monkeys.

Using Speedball oil based inks this time. clean up with vegetable oil was fairly painless and just a little messy.

Here are the first two colors complete. So far, so good.

Black Eyed Susan


Black Eyed Susan

After  a long week of absolutely no inspiration, I woke up today with a plan for my next print project, which I have to present, complete, in 4 days. Pressure’s on.

I have found that doing my sketch work on the iPad with the Sketchbook Pro or ArtRage app is the best way for me to see the way a reduction print will work. After years of additive process art, I find myself making mental mistakes when designing for a reductive process. This way, I start with my darkest color as a background and work in layers up to the lightest, then when carving, I simply work that process backwards. Flip/flop, flip/flop.

I’m going to print this on both paper and fabric, which means 2 set of inks and 2 complete printings for each color.  I plan on tiling the design on the fabric to use a a border print. Ambitious, yes, but I think I can manage with the weekend coming up.

Self Portait Final Print


Many technical stuggles with this , and I’m not at all happy with the final results, but I suppose that’s why we study and practice, hmm?

I was disappointed that the ink and paper process was so challenging, just when I started to get my head around the reduction process thing.

Ah, well, onward….