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Retro Motel


I took my daughter and her son to the Jersey shore (yes, the same one, but a whole different world from the tv show) for his first experience with the ocean.

We stayed in a cheap motel that I don’t think has been updated at all since it was built, I’m guessing in the early 50’s.

It was quirky and kitschy (as were the other guests), but they treated us well and we had a great time. Clean room and free hot hors d’oeurvres on the deck at happy hour. How can you beat that for less than $150 a night half a block from the ocean?

Here’s the original photo for the image above:

I made some adjustments, cropped, cloned the swimmer out and used a cut out filter in Photoshop to get the poster effect.

When I asked my seven year old grandson if he liked it there at the beach, he turned to me with an incredulous look and said, “Why wouldn’t I?, I think everybody should live here!”.

Yeah, Aiden, I do too.

Thanks to The Windjammer Motel in South Seaside Park, NJ.


6th & Canal


Final project for this term’s printmaking study. I am happy to see this end. I do enjoy some parts of the process; carving is great fun and really gets me “in the groove” , but what with the need for a very well planned design, cutting paper, mixing ink and four or more separate printing, it’s just too much work for me. Though watching an image emerge color after color is fascinating. Maybe if I didn’t have so may other things to juggle I wouldn’t be as concerned with the long process. I’m a very impatient sort.

Cynthia Rowley 2443 Revised


I talked about this a few posts ago and have finally gotten around to  the finishing touches.

The more I looked at it, the more I was not liking the ribbon closure. There was just too much going on up front, what with four pockets, two tabs, four loops and a shapely figure going inside.  So I ditched the ribbons and added some gray shell buttons.

I am almost finished with the coordinating dress. The skirt is done in the same pink twill as the jacket, with the bodice in a textured gray knit, so the gray buttons will work nicely.

Lots of designer details on this pattern; both the dress and the jacket, which makes for a really nice garment, but if you’re a newbie, I wouldn’t try this without help. The sleeve plackets in particular were a bit tricky.

And here’s the d-ring detail on the sleeve cuffs. Too cute.

Now if only Spring would arrive…..

Saving Spring


It’s the middle of April after a long and dismal winter. Well, maybe not after winter; it feels like it is still winter here. Temps in the 30’s this morning here in upstate NY and the forecast calls for rain and wet snow.

I decided to cut the few daffodils that have managed to bloom and place them beside my desk so I can enjoy this little bundle of spring while I work.

The snow later would only kill them anyway.

Seriously considering a move to warmer climes.

Photoshop Study


My intro Photoshop course this semester has been a struggle. There’s so much to learn and so many ways to do things that it can be overwhelming. Add to that the independent study nature of the course and you might see where things have been challenging. But I’m making some progress. Today’s exercise involved some photo manipulation. I started with these two stock photos from

Then I merged the two,  did some cloning and blending, added a couple filters and finished up with this  image, which I think I will use for my next wood block print project.


I had a great opportunity to share my love of sewing with a terrific young woman last evening.  She is the wife of a colleague of my guy and mentioned at a party recently that she’d like to learn to sew.  I offered to teach, and after making sure I really meant it, she took me up on it.

We started with some chatting (over wine and cheese, essential to any new endeavor) about fabric; wovens, knits, grain lines and such, with a little girl talk sprinkled in here and there.

Then I had her go through my scrap stash and pick out  four fabrics she liked. We talked about cutting, pinning and seam allowances before I put her in front of the machine and had her put her foot down.

She did just great and went home with a patchwork throw pillow and a bag of fiberfil to stuff it with. I also got her a small sewing kit with all the essentials so she could do a bit at home.

I was so very happy to help her learn something she wants to do and to have the chance to share something I love to do. I’m looking forward to our next lesson, which will start with a trip to the fabric store; one of my favorite past times!

Passing It On