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I’ve had to take a short break from making stuff. Took a couple days vacation at the beach and must be on the road tomorrow for work, then meeting my guy while he races next weekend. All tolled, about 10 days away from home. Maybe next week I can get back in the studio. I have a couple orders for Endless Dresses that I must get to!


A Short Break




This is a great format for complementary or companion volumes.  It’s two books in one!

Think of the possibilities:  the new testament and the old, The Iliad and The Odyssey, War and Pea… oh, no, that doesn’t work.

Anyhow, lots of fun ideas around this format.

This one is sewn with Coptic bindings, a different color waxed perle cotton for each volume’s stitching.

There is a front cover, then a section of book block, another cover, another section, and then a back cover.

If this were sewn with a pamphlet or long stitch, the cover(s) would be one continuous sheet with hinge or spine fold, rather than the three separate covers shown here.

The covers are davey board wrapped in card stock weight decorative papers (from Michael’s, I think) and the signatures from 20lb bond paper, so good for writing in, but no heavier use.

The postmark themed paper in the center lends well to a travel theme. This book is coming with me, my daughter and grandson to our Jersey Shore vacation next week to help us collect memories. She and I can each write in a volume, chronicling the days from our own perspectives, but together in one cherished place.

middle cover (the back of each volume)

volume 1 cover

volume 2 cover

Coptic Binding


I love love love this type of binding. It is a basic Coptic binding, used as early as the 4th century, where each signature is stitched to the next and the covers stitched to the signatures themselves.

Note how the spine arcs so prettily when the book stands open.

The stitch pattern is beautiful and the book opens flat for easy journal/sketchbook work.


I used waxed linen thread to sew with  and wrapped the cover boards with a home dec fabric remnant.

I’ll definitely be making more of these with more decorative variations in the stitch pattern.