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Best Laid Plans


It should be so easy, right? This fairly simple coat, that I’ve made before, should have gone together in  day. Maybe a weekend.

But the wool was lighter weight than I anticipated (a danger in on-line buying) and since it is a fairly loose weave and the coat is unlined, and the princess seams everywhere are edge and top stitched, but still looking raggedy and since the seam allowances are stitched down Hong Kong or other finishes aren’t possible, well, I came to the conclusion that I had to line the thing. Which annoys me since it’s like making the whole thing all over again with extra problem solving since the collar/scarf is only one layer and I’ve already turned in and stitched down the front self-facings. ugh.

Anyway, I found a medium-weight stretch twill in my stash. Not a usual choice for a lining, but since I want to add a bit of weight to the garment, I’m going with it.

This black and white pattern peeking out of the red wool will be great.

So maybe by next weekend I’ll have a new coat.


Keeping out the chill (and dreariness)


I’m a freak for coats and jackets. I love to make them and love to wear just the right one. And, yes, I admit to having two closets chock full of coats (once the kids move out, there is SO much space!).

While I do own the black NYC designer wool trench and break it out for funerals and really serious business meetings, I’m much happier in something fun.

Like these, and these!

(Especially love this faux fur!)

Yes, I know, I have a problem.

The cold, cloudy, shorter days are already beginning to wear on my mood, so, what better than a new spicy red coat to perk a girl up?

So, I picked up this beautiful wool and a silk print that will either be a lining or just a luscious scarf to fill in the neckline.

Tonight, I’ll start putting together Vogue 1129, by Donna Karan. I already made this up in a quite sedate dark brown/gray wool, and while the cut is terrific, the dark fabric really doesn’t show off the lines as well as it could. Or should. I’m pretty confident the red wool do the trick.

Stay tuned!


I’m back from a dream vacation in sunny Italy. I saw so many incredibly beautiful sights and I am itching to turn some photos and memories into art.

Here’s a shot of the view from our hotel in Sorrento, overlooking the Bay of Naples.  Just gorgeous!

The Real World