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Renaissance Costume Fun


I don’t go to Renaissance Faires. I don’t go to Halloween parties. I had absolutely no reason to make these pieces other than I wanted to see how it felt to wear something like this for everyday, thinking that it must be pretty comfortable and maybe I can adapt them to work for everyday 21st century appropriate garb. Still thinking through all that.

There are five pieces here; a chemise, a slip, both done in muslin, a vest, a dress and an over-skirt. I used, abused and adapted from Simplicity 5582. The dress is not part of the pattern, but I used the chemise parts and simply extended the skirt as an A-line from the waist. On both the slip and over-skirt, I initially used a twill tape drawstring for the wait, but really, it’s not ideal, do I went back in with elastic and sewed the twill tape to the elastic ends as decorative ties. Not period authentic, but a damn sight more convenient and comfortable.

I had the over skirt and vest fabrics in my stash, bought them together from a clearance table at least a year ago, then last week, found the coordinating fabric I used for the dress on the same clearance table. Stroke of luck.

These are really simple garments to put together; I don’t think I spent more than 10 hours on all five pieces.

I don’t really see myself hanging out in the garden this summer in these, but, hey, maybe I’ll go to a Renaissance festival.