Monthly Archives: April 2012

Back Soon, I Hope


Hi all!

Just wanted to apologize for the silence lately. My job has had me traveling five to six days a week for the past couple months and just last Saturday, when work was about to settle down, my son took a header off a dirt bike and into a tree.

He fractured his skull, nicked an artery running behind it and gave us a few really scary days. Miraculously, and thanks to really good doctors, it looks like he’ll make a full (but slow) recovery. It’s been a helluva ride.

You know how you get when you have no time at all for creative pursuits for a long time, right? Yeah, I’m feeling a little crazy right now.

I have had a couple requests to give some instruction on ways to style the Endless Dress, so I’ll be working on that for you as soon as possible!