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Vogue 1159


I eventually had to put this on my dress form to get the pieces and parts in the right places. I’d have thought maybe it was just me being a little thick-headed except that when I started to get frustrated I did a quick search to see if I was, in fact, thick-headed, or if there were errors.
Sure ’nuff, I wasn’t the only one out there.
Apart from the mistakes, others noted that they had made alterations when finished; sewn up the side seams to shorten the armholes and tacked the draped front closed. If I were going to wear the dress by itself, I’d have done the same, but in my experience as a full busted individual, wrap front dresses never stay closed well enough and so I opted to leave the dress as is and wear a tank underneath.
Since I used a silky lycra knit… I got it on clearance and suppose it might be a swim wear knit… I didn’t bother to line the skirt. It’s a decision I’m glad of since one of the pattern errors has to do with the lining and I might have bagged the whole project by that point.
All things considered, I am quite pleased with the results. The fit is good, the fabric worked well and it is very comfortable to wear.
Apologies for the lousy photo. Time crunch. Sometimes adequate just has to do.



Vogue 1159


Yes, Yes, I know, it’s been months and months. All the fault of the day job.

And the first thing I am compelled to write is a big complaint to Vogue and warning to you all.

This beauty, that I’ve been planning for months now, is a B*tch!

I’ll give you  more details later, but let’s start with the mismatched markings and incomplete instructions. One set of notches is 2 1/2 inches off!

Since the front, back and front facings are all one enormous pattern piece, even this experienced sewist is having a devil of a time noodling this out without good direction.

Maybe they should change their name to VAGUE.