Anorak McCall’s 5635


Hoo boy. I decided to make this one reversible. And in knit fabrics. I made it one size smaller since I was working with knits. It is still pretty big. Had to make a few adjustments to the pattern, getting rid of front facing, for example. Didn’t get that quite right on the first try. Must hack off another 2 inches on each side. Guess I didn’t see there were two fold lines.
And the sleeves. Dear god, this must have been sized for some other kind of primate. I cut three inches off the sleeves and still have enough for the very deep cuff. If you opt for the elastic cuff, you’ll have to make the sleeve much narrower or end up with about 4x bulk around the wrist. Crazy.
Pics to follow tomorrow after this shapes up a bit.
Oh, and the hood is huge too, but I kinda like it.



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  1. What is it with Parka/Anorak patterns? I had a similar episode recently. I agree they must be using another primate for fitting during the design process…sounds like you’ve gallantly persisted…I look forward to the pics.

    • Lol! I saw your anorak post! Then said to myself, “gosh, I have that anorak pattern I’ve never used, maybe I’ll try it.” It’s all your fault!!!
      And if I could have gotten my hands out of the sleeves to take a pic the way it is, I would have!

      • Hilarious…at least I achieved my blogging aim…ie to inspire you! I thought my Carked Parka was just due to the BurdaStyle designers having a long lunch when they came up with that one…perhaps it’s a deal cooked up by the RTW industry to force us to purchase anoraks rather than sew them???

      • And who really needs an anorak anyway? Like wearing a sleeping bag tied around the middle. I’m fixing this one, but swearing off anoraks from here on. Inspiration indeed!

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