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Garden Journal


I am using Cover to Cover, by Shereen LaPlantz as one of my texts for this bookmaking study. The project here is taken directly from it.

I started by stitching together five four-page signatures to make a standard codex, then prepared a covers and a spine with davey board and mulberry paper.  I added decorative end papers to the text block and used them to attach the cover.  I used these papers and this method of construction so that his book can be my garden journal. I like to keep a record of which plants are where, what color palettes  I use in different corners of the garden, and so forth so that in the deep dark winter months I can do some dreaming and accurate planning. Until now, my garden journals have been handwritten and drawn in colored pencil or watercolor, but I just may add some photographs this time around.


Saving Spring


It’s the middle of April after a long and dismal winter. Well, maybe not after winter; it feels like it is still winter here. Temps in the 30’s this morning here in upstate NY and the forecast calls for rain and wet snow.

I decided to cut the few daffodils that have managed to bloom and place them beside my desk so I can enjoy this little bundle of spring while I work.

The snow later would only kill them anyway.

Seriously considering a move to warmer climes.