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More Card Holders!


card holder 4I couldn’t help but make up a few more of these. So simple, and so much more fun to give and receive than an envelope!

I usedĀ  fabric that I has stacked and slashed to get the multi-layered chenille effect (that in itself is so much fun to do) then followed the process described in the link on my previous post.

I know a little hippie-chick who’s going to love one of these!




Gift Card Holder


card holder 2Another great idea from the small projects download at Quiltingarts.com.
I plan on using these two as gift card holders, but they would work for business cards, driver’s license, anything that size. Each has two pockets, but only one side works “magically” by ejecting the card when the ribbon is pulled.
Of course, you could easily alter the instructions to make both pockets function that way.

They go together really quickly and easily. You really can make up a few in an hour or less.

card holder 3

I used fabricĀ  scraps from another project, so they were already pieced and embellished for the most part.

I hope the “giftees” like the holder as well as the card!

card holder 1